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The Founders

The Twelve Days of Christmas., a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization, was born from a discussion between Gayla Gardner and her eldest daughter Donya about the deep meaning of the Holiday Season and how they always looked forward to family gatherings, good food and the spirit of Christmas. Yet they were aware that many people face Christmas as being just another day of struggle. And the question arose as to how they could make a difference in someone’s holiday. The answer was to take action and along with friends, making a total of twelve people, the first “parties with a purpose” was organized. Each person held a holiday party in their home based on the themes from the “12 Days of Christmas song.” Invited guest were requested to bring a donation: toys, food, clothing, toiletries, books, and ornaments. A local grocery store provided Christmas trees. At the end of the 12 parties, items were sorted and organized and delivered to 6 selected families. There was so much joy at delivery time that it was a renewal of spirit that makes you want to do more.


Gayla Gardner

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Donya Gardner

Na tional Board Members

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Kristan Jones-Scales,

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Nic Cober Johnson, National Chair

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Rachelle LeBlanc Cunningham,

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Joy Ricardo, Secretary

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Jamee Nelson
Vice Chair

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Meedie Bardonille,​Parliamentarian

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