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Celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas
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Celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas

Our History

The Twelve Days of Christmas, Inc. celebrates twenty years as a volunteer service organization committed to keeping the spirit of the holidays for less fortunate families. Beyond the holiday season, the organization has expanded to serve our communities throughout the year by encouraging and ensuring a successful return to school to students around the country by providing uniforms, backpacks and grade appropriate school supplies. This outstanding service organization is composed entirely of volunteers currently consisting of six chapters located in Houston, TX, Oakland, CA, Washington, DC, Dallas, TX, New York, NY and Atlanta, GA. The legacy of “parties with a purpose” was founded in 1999 by Gayla Gardner and Donya Gardner of the Houston Chapter. The organization continues to grow and fulfill its mission of sharing our blessings.

The members of the Twelve Days of Christmas, Inc. are diverse distinguished volunteers who are individual achievers. They are community, business and civic leaders, mentors, activists, and role models with significant backgrounds in legal, academia, healthcare, media / marketing and public relations, government, the arts and business. They are engaged within and outside the organization to maximize their effort to enrich the lives of others. All donations, directly serve the families in need. This organization has provided over 6,000 new toys under Christmas trees, over 1600 Christmas and Easter meals, and over 1,000 children with backpack, school supplies and uniforms. The Twelve Days of Christmas, Inc. works closely with sponsors and supporters. Our mission is to share blessings with others through collective effort, charitable activities, and community involvement. We are committed to remembering the true spirit of Christmas throughout the year, and making a difference with the gift of giving. Our organization’s energy highly impacts lives in the communities served.

  • The Twelve Days of Christmas, Inc. is a distinguished national service organization with more than 200 members in six chapters located in three states and the District of Columbia.

  • The key initiative of The Twelve Days of Christmas, Inc. is to organize “parties with a purpose” to raise donations to bless less fortunate families.

  • Working closely with partners, sponsors and supporters, The Twelve Days of Christmas, Incorporated is focused on impacting lives of the less fortunate in their communities.

  • Twelve Days members are actively engaged throughout the country in providing time and effort to impact the lives of deserving individuals.

  • The Twelve Days of Christmas, Inc., has raised more than $500,000 in charitable contributions since its founding in 1999.

Fun Facts

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