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Chicago Chapter


Greetings from the Windy City! We are excited to introduce the Metro Chicago Chapter of Twelve Days, Inc. and I am honored to serve as our Chapter President. Chicago is a city rich in philanthropy and through the hard work and dedication of our Founding Hostesses we are ready to become a part of the long standing legacy of serving and giving back.


Our chapter is starting small but mighty. We are educators, corporate leaders, and community activists that share a common passion; service. While our chapter is new to Chicago, our work and memberships within other civic service organizations and our respective communities is the right formula to launch in Chicago.


We are living in challenging times and our goal is to support as many families in need through fundraising and building strong partnerships that believe in the Twelve Days of Christmas, Inc. mission of sharing our blessings with others through collective effort, charitable activities and community involvement.


We are ready to step into our parties with a purpose Chicago Style!


Shalanda Lobban


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